Aikido In Hull


Tai jutsu waza- Unarmed arts/techniques

Buki waza – Weapons Techniques

Defences against unarmed/armed attacks and formal weapons training includes the application of Aikido principles throughout techniques


Tuesdays evenings 7pm – 9pm

at the Mitchell Community Centre

Goodrich Close, Fountain Rd,

Off Beverley Rd,

Hull, East Yorkshire



<Link to map for the Mitchell Community Centre>

The Mitchell Centre is a 4 minute walk from the corner of Beverley Rd and Fountain Rd. (traffic lights are near the Endeavour School on Beverley Road).

The Mitchell Centre has a car park for approx 20 cars.


Instructors:  George McMaster

Sensei Keith Holmes


All sensei and senior students are CRB checked.

All sensei have Instructors indemnity Insurance.


Feel free to visit a class (at least 10 minutes before start time)

Beginners and advanced students are welcome to attend.

Classes are £4 per session: £3 for under 16yrs.

General information is available by clicking on [Training – (Keiko)]



If you have any further questions in regard to the above classes, or for any other training courses or requirements

Contact:  Telephone:  07870 239233 (answer-phone; just leave a

                                                  message and call will be returned)



George McMaster maintains;

Instructor Indemnity Insurance; C.R.B. checked;

730-2 Delivery of Learning Cert; First Aid Cert.

Aikido Coach / Young People Coach


For all your Martial Arts and Ways training equipment contact:
Samurai Nation



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