Zenshin Kokoro Aikido

The meanings of the kanji calligraphy:




ZenshinThe Whole Body, One’s Whole Heart,

                    To Progress.  Gradual Advancement;…...





Kokoro   Spirit / Heart / Mind;…....




Aikido    The Way to Harmonize Energies;

Ai        Harmony, unity, to meet, principle of integration



Ki       Life energy, Spirit energy, Centralized and 

           Coordinated energy in technique


Do     Way, path of a discipline, combining principles and

           elements of practice and endeavour





The Zen symbol

The Zen symbol, is used here simply as a visual reminder of;

  • Fudoshin (a composed, aware and immovable mind)
  • That stability and power comes from the centre
  • That the continued practice of the circular and arc-like moves of Aikido within technique work towards the essence of blending (musubi / awase) and harmony (ai)
  • With respect, this use of the Zen symbol is to epitomize elements of Aikido / Bushido and is not a reference to any religious endeavours.


Zenshin  Kokoro  Aikido

is a school of traditional Aikido.


Training and practice is aimed towards the development of co-ordination and balance, whether in stillness or movement, progressing to the assimilation of the harmonic principles of Aikido and gradually improving the co-ordination of the student as a whole.


This includes the correct use of energy- Ki -(nothing esoteric here.. simply energy, and its dynamic, being centralized and coordinated)

For example, in essence ….

To harmonize the energy of the attacker with the energy of your response including…

Tai sabaki (body position/placement) – whilst implementing Ma-ai (distance and timing) – creating Kuzushi (disruption or ‘breaking’ of the attacker’s posture) - through to completion of Waza (technique) and Zanshin (maintaining awareness).


Although that may sound long winded or complex, you should bear in mind that, depending on the technique used, the whole event from start to finish can be less than a second or two; especially so at the higher level of Takemusu Aikido.

Buki - Weapons.. Many Aikido techniques and moves are derived from techniques in response to weapons attacks.  Weapons forms aid in the development of Correct Spirit, Correct Timing, Correct Posture/Balance, Correct Awareness.
We at Zenshin Kokoro Aikido practice regular weapons training, predominantly traditional weapons: the bokken (practice sword), the jo (staff) and tanto (knife) and sometimes more contemporary weapons.


Immovable mind

An untroubled mind without reaction or attachment

Takemusu Aiki

Intuitive Aiki

Intuitive and appropriately responsive Aikido


Dedication, Integrity, Inspiration

Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei (1883 – 1969)

Trevor Burwell Sensei

Professor Chee Soo (1919 – 1994)

Alan Pirie Sensei (1927 – 1995)

W. Smith Shihan MBE (1929 - 2006)


T.K. Chiba Shihan,  Y. Yamada Shihan,  Y. Kobayashi Shihan


Vince Thompson Sensei;  Roger Bawcutt Sensei,

Darrel Haigh Sensei, Henry Ellis Sensei, Keith Hayward Sensei,

Philip Smith Sensei,  Peter Brady Sensei,  Gwynne Jones Sensei,

Bob Jones Sensei,  Joe Curran Sensei,  Robert L Vourch Sensei


And to all who genuinely share such virtues

Because regardless of grade or situation we learn from each other



George McMaster began training in martial arts over 30 years ago after joining a Kung Fu class conducted by Mr. Trevor Burwell at the St. Nicholas Parish Hall in Hull.

George began his training in Aikido under the direct instruction and guidance of the respected Alan Pirie Sensei.





The school of Zenshin Kokoro Aikido remains independent to ensure we remain open-minded in attitude.   We practice specific core principles to maintain a high level of training and development.

Anyone (whether a beginner, or more experienced student or sensei)

is welcome to train with us.

Focus is on integrity and quality.

We have no inclination at all towards politics, empire building or egotism on any level. None of that kind of thing matters, it does not have anything to do with Aikido / Bushido; accordingly we remain independent.


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